Jason's Braindump

GitHub Emacs Action

This is a GitHub Action example to set up Emacs with your packages.

Since that Emacs setup uses Nix, Nix will be installed automatically if necessary, along with the “cachix” tool which enables downloads of the cached binaries. (via)

-> https://github.com/jsntn/emacs-actions

The ‘ox-publish’ case

-> https://github.com/jsntn/emacs-actions/tree/ox-publish

It uses GitHub Action @peaceiris/actions-gh-pages to deploy static files to GitHub Pages. This deploy action can be combined simply and freely with Static Site Generators. (Hugo, MkDocs, Gatsby, mdBook, Next, Nuxt, and so on.)

The ‘ox-publish’ package is managed and configured in config.el.

The org-html-export-to-html case

-> https://github.com/jsntn/emacs-actions/tree/org-to-html

A ‘gh-pages’ deployment use case can be found from here.