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Org-mode Repeated Tasks

Repeated tasks

Some tasks need to be repeated again and again, this is called ‘Repeated Tasks’ here.

The repeater

Org mode helps to organize repeated tasks using a so-called repeater in a ‘DEADLINE’, ‘SCHEDULED’, or plain timestamps. In the following example:

** TODO Pay the rent
   DEADLINE: <2005-10-01 Sat +1m>

the +1m is a repeater; the intended interpretation is that the task has a deadline on ‘<2005-10-01 Sat>’ and repeats itself every (one) month starting from that time. You can use yearly, monthly, weekly, daily and hourly repeat cookies by using the y, m, w, d and h letters1. If you need both a repeater and a special warning period in a deadline entry, the repeater should come first and the warning period last,

DEADLINE: <2005-10-01 Sat +1m -3d>
.+xyrepeat in x h/d/w/m/y from the last time I marked it done
++xyrepeat in at least x h/d/w/m/y from the last time I marked it done, And keep it on the same day of the week move the due date into the future by increments of h/d/w/m/y. 2

Tracking your habits

-> Use Org-mode to track your habits


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  1. There does not seem to be support for hourly repeater(at least yet for Org 9.3). (via) ↩︎

  2. If the due date, after being moved forward x h/d/w/m/y is still in the past, adjust it by however many h/d/w/m/y needed to get it into the future. For the w, the day of the week is kept constant. (via) ↩︎